Is there a “secret formula” to the Lions success? Not really; a formula, perhaps, but not a secret. The formula is represented by the team’s name: LIONS.

The “L” stands for “Leadership.” All the members of the Lions staff are dedicated to turning these kids into Lions and seeing them become winners on and off the field. No hidden agendas or political ambitions last very long in the Lions organization! The kids are the Number One priority.

The “I” stands for “Integrity.” This principle is drilled into the kids until it becomes a part of their uniform, just like the black and red gear they wear. Lions don’t cheat, whine, make excuses, or indulge in poor sportsmanship – they just don’t, or they aren’t Lions.

The “O” stands for “Optimism.” The Lions know they’re winners, no matter what the scoreboard says. This means that even if the scoreboard at halftime shows the other team has more points, the Lions know they aren’t defeated; they just haven’t gotten all their points yet!

The “N” stands for “Never” – never give up, never give up, never give up.

The “S” stands for “Spirit.” Team spirit, fighting spirit, the spirit of being part of the Lions family.

That’s the only formula there is. It works, and has done so for thirty years. We invite you to try it yourself; Leadership, Integrity, Optimism, Never give up, and Spirit. You could be the next to start a legend!