Santa Clara Lions Youth Football & Cheer

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December 2nd 2013 WEEK 13

Regional Spirit Championships Results

Non-competitive MITEY CAT CHEER

All of Santa Clara Lions Cheer teams performed and did fantastic.

The Wildcats scored the highest they have all year, but the competition was good as they came from out of state to perform and advance to Florida.

Santa Clara should be very proud that our cheer program represented the City and the Lions program very well.  Craig Connelly, President of Santa Clara Lions Football & Cheer, said that all the girls did so good that it made him proud of the program. The Legend is alive in our cheerleaders.

November 25th, 2013 WEEK 12

Now it is time for stars to shine…. OK Ladies you are up.

Santa Clara Lions Football has two Cheer squads in the Pacific Northwest Regional’s on Friday November 29th at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Panthers Cheer & Wildcats Cheer squads each has a chance at advancing to Florida. These girls have worked hard to get to this level and have just under three minutes on the mat to perform their routine. Each Jump, toss, lift… and Smile has to be perfect.  Santa Clara has great pride in them. GOOD LUCK. 

November 16th 2013 WEEK 11
The Panther's run for the championship came to an end on Saturday. The Panthers lost a tough battle against the Redwood City 49ers. The Panther offense really never got going. Penalties and missed opportunities kept the Panthers from reaching the end zone consistently. The Panthers defense played tough but couldn't adjust to the 49ers offense. The Panthers played their hearts out. Next up, the 10 - 1 Panthers will head to the Best of the West Bowl game in Temecula, CA to put a smack down on the WESCON regional runner-up.

November 10th 2013 WEEK 10

The undefeated Santa Clara Lions Peewee level Panthers battled the 8-1 Almaden Mustangs in a semi-final showdown at Townsend Field. The Panthers definitely had the home field advantage with a full house of Santa Clara Lions and Panther fans cheering them on. Townsend field was rocking! The Panthers received the ball first and quickly drove down the field for a TD.

But, the Mustangs came to play. The Mustangs responded with a TD of their own on. Then, the Panther's high powered offense was stuttered by early offensive mistakes. The Mustangs quickly used that advantage to showcase their double wing offense. The Mustangs scored twice more and took a 20 - 8 lead with 1:30 left in the half. 

The Panthers started to doubt that this was their day, when Paul Rosa Jr ran for a 60 yard TD on their next possession. The Panthers found a new resurgence. The Santa Clara defense held the Mustangs to a 4 and out and got the ball back at the Mustang 37 yard line. With 20 seconds on the clock, Coach Rosa turned to his bag of tricks with the half back pass. Jacob Dominguez caught a 20 yard pass from Paul Rosa Jr. With 3 seconds left, Paul Rosa Jr caught a 15 yard floater from Alex Adame to give the Panthers a 24 - 20 lead at the half.

After the half, the Mustangs received the ball. The fired up Panther defense once again stopped them. However, a muffed punt return gave the Mustangs some new energy. The Mustangs got the ball back at the Panther 39 yard line. The Panther defense and Mustang offense continued to battle with each gaining and giving ground. When the Mustangs took to the air, Panther, Jacob Dominguez, intercepted the pass and ran it back 80 yards for a TD.

The Panthers never looked back. The Panther defense came up big with another stop. Looking to seal the game shut, the Panther offense put together a great 8 minute drive. Raymond Orozco Jr. capped it off with a 10 yard TD run. The Panthers lead 36 - 20 with 4 minutes left in the game. 

The Mustangs battled back, but came up short with time expiring. The final scored was Santa Clara 36 - Almaden 26. The Panthers remain undefeated. Next up is the championship game. The Panthers will face the Redwood City 49ers at Andrew Hill high school next Saturday at 10 AM. LET'S GO PANTHERS!!!!

The Rematch.. Between our Santa Clara Lions and the Almaden Mustangs at the Midget Level held under the lights at Townsend field the game of game as it was said as fans as far south as Monterey and north as Marin came to see theses heavy weight battle. Santa Clara Fans where extremely supportive as the Lions took the field and roared out “LION JUMPPING JACKS”. The teams held tight and refused to let each other score until late in the 2nd quarter. The Mustangs struck first with a touchdown and extra point… the Score at halftime was 8 to 0. With the third quarter underway and the Mustangs driving the field it was a pass to the sideline that Nathaniel Kelly intercepted that fired up the crowed and his team. Lions could not take advantage of this turnover. The Lions would capitalize on the next turnover late in the 3rd quarter. The Mustangs fumbled the ball and Santa Clara's own Anastacio Prado picked it up and ran it in for the Lions only score. The season was a hard fought and prideful as the Santa Clara midget will not advance.

The Thundercats lost to Morgan Hill at the Jr. Peewee level. Earlier in the year these two teams faced each other and the outcome was a tie… not on this day as the Raiders know how to contain the T-cats speed. Late in the fourth quarter it was not coming clear that it was not going to be a thunderous day for the Thundercats as they lost this game 12 to 24. Coach Dan Campos explained to the team and parents after… “a football is not round, so sometimes it does not bounce your way”.

Santa Clara was hosted the Pop Warner Peninsula Cheer Championships on Saturday the 9th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. And once again the City showed great hospitality and support for youth sports. The Santa Clara Ladies of the Gridiron performed at three levels Mitey Mite, Peewee, and Jr Midget.

Even though out Mitey Cat girls are considered to be a “non-competitive level” our girls took the mat and looked sharp and precise. L'Breeyah Jones smile lit up the room of cheering fans. Great job Mitey Cats.

Panthers Cheer took First in their class as their performance was the best. We have seen Santa Clara consistently dominate at the peewee level and this time they will advance to the regional’s and be the top seat. The names behind the stunts, tumbling & loud cheers are Kaylyn, jocelyn, Camilla, Madyson, Danielle, Mia, Cristina, Celeste, Gabrielle, Adriana, Lesslie, Jesalina, Alexa, Terisina, Alyssa & Monik. 

The Jr Midget Wildcats Came in Second as they nailed there routine. The team earned 2nd place and will advance to the regional’s held the weekend of Thanksgiving. Good job Abigail, Marijane, Lauren, Jennifer, Madeline, Brianna, Lauren, Melana, Aleyka, Jolene, Renee, Adrianna, Naomi, Mia, Jessica, Veronica, Anndrea & Cameron.

Two chance of having 2 cheer teams going to Florida.

November 4th 2013 WEEK 9


Mitey Cats battle of the bowl as they tied East Bay West at 18 to 18. It was a whole team effort.


Thunder Cats big win and move on. The T-Cats win as they faced the Cambrian Valley Longhorns in their first playoff game of 2013. With Justin Cantu finding the end zone and Adam Arenas with an 85 yard run as the Thunder cats move on to the next round. Thunder cats won 24 to 6.


Panthers keep it up. Panthers took the field facing a Sunnyvale team that played them hard earlier in the year… TODAY was no different. Santa Clara came out and scored early, but Sunnyvale fought back. The ending score was 22 to 18 Panthers.


The Wildcats came in to the playoff in the 8th seat Facing Oakland’s best team. The first part of the game was a dog fight with SC stopping the East Bay team and forcing them to punt. Richard Medel as Outside Line Backer looked like an All American, but in the end the Wildcats turnovers hurt them as they lost 28-0.


Lions…Move right on. Lions faced a San Francisco Seahawks at Woodside High School. The Lions had a 16-0 lead going into halftime. Lions turned it up a notch in the 3rd quarter and won the game 28 to 0.


NEXT UP FOR ALL OF OUR FOOTBALL TEAMS: They will all play this Sunday at Townsend Field Winner goes on to the Championship 


Our Cheer Squads have a BIG competition this Saturday at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Top teams will advance to the Regional’s. GO GIRLS REP SANTA CLARA.

October 27th 2013 WEEK 8

Mitey Cats


Deuces Wild, at least this last Sunday... as Duece Meszaros went  WILD on the field... With a pass reception from Ethan Noriega for a TD to an interception and great run back, Duece was wild. Luther Glenn had two TD’s and RED O first TD by Isiah Ketton. The Mitey Cat Deference was once again strong and powerful as they kept the Vikings from scoring. This week they will play in the Mitey Bowl against Oakland’s West team. 




Thunder Cats


As the Thunder cats look forward to the post season they had one game left on their mind… Menlo. The T-cats faced the Vikings on Sunday morning as the field was a mist of fog. The Vikings did a great job of scouting the Santa Clara team and was able to bottle up Adam Arenas… Coach Rusty Garcia reached in to his play book and pulled out the key to the victory. With 2 minutes left in the game and the score 0-0 it looked like it was over, until…. Gennaro Fiorillo broke out of the back field with a roar of the crowd he scored the only TD… and the Winning TD.




The undefeated Panthers faced an energized Menlo Atherton Vikings team that was looking to finish their season out with a win by handing the Panthers their first lose. The first half was a tight battle, but the Panthers pulled away in the second half showing the Vikings why they were undefeated. The Panthers came out playing fast and hitting hard. The Panthers scored 6 touchdowns on their way to a 48 - 22 win and remained UNDEFEATED in the regular season at 8-0. Congratulations to the Panthers on a great regular season. It was a whole team effort. The Panthers will now focus on preparing for their first round playoff game next week.






With the air filled with playoffs, this game had all the same feelings… Winners go on. The Wildcats fought hard all year as they had a tough schedule, every week they saw teams that had winning records… Menlo was no different. The Wildcats scored first with a TD run of 19 yrds from Gabe Herrera. But the play of plays was a 37 yard pass from Ketton to #34 Jose Lacayo Tua. The pass went over one defender and thru the hands of another, all the time Jose refused to lose focus and hauled the ball in. Jose ran for 16 yards after for the Touchdown. Erik Ketton and Ryan Fox had great effort and performances on Offence and Defense. Line Backer Richard Medel Played the game of his young life as he brought a great physical game of hits… but in the end it was too little too late. Even with a loss the team stood tall and head held high as all of Santa Clara knew these young men played the best game of the year.






As the crowd wished Richard Herrera a happy 15th birthday, He was too busy on the field scoring 3 Touch Downs. The Wizard of Offense, Coach Price elected to use the old “ground and pound”, rolling over Menlo Atherton’s middle defense. But the “PLAY OF THE DAY” came at the closing seconds of the 1 quarter when the Vikings elected to punt on 4th down… and the hungry pack of Lions swarmed on the punter and blocked the ball. It was Thomas O’Donnell (10th Grader at Santa Clara High) that came up with the big SCOOOP & SCORE. The Lions won 30 to 0 and came out healthy and looking forward to next week’s first round playoff game. The Lions will face the SF PAL Seahawks and Head Coach Craig Connelly is setting the game plan for a rematch against San Francisco PAL.




October 20th 2013 WEEK 7

Mitey Cat Cheer took the field one last time at home and rocked it. As Jenna Palacios watched her older brother Andrew, a football player for the Mitey Cats, she cheered for him and the other players. Defense did a great job.  Daniel Hernandez, Julian Garcia & Duce  Meszaros were dishing up the hits. Offensive line opened up the holes for Luther Glenn and Ethan Noriega's for Touch downs. Mitey Cats win… 36 to 6. 

Thundercats Quarterback Jason Guerrero stepped up his game as he Ran for a touchdown. Adam Arenas scored a touchdown as well… but it was Gennaro Fiorillo and Alex Le Pham that was un-merciful on defense shutting out the Longhorns from scoring. T-Cats win 14 to 0.

The Panthers won a hard hitting battle against a very good Cambrian Valley team. The offense steadily pounded the running game with Paul Rosa Jr running for over 200 yards and 4 TDs. The defense lead by Onyx Smith earned their 4th shutout of the season. The defensive line, anchored by Isaia Sasa, Vincent Santoro, and Jose Sanchez, dominated the middle of the field, while the secondary provided 3 interceptions. The Panthers won 26 - 0 and remain undefeated at 7-0.

Lions Fought A Hard Battle. The Santa Clara Lions faces the Almaden Mustangs, both teams coming in to the game with a 5-1 record. It was the Lions that scored first, but the story this week… is not about the players that you always hear about… it is about the players that stepped up in a big game. Robert Najar caught a 28 yard pass from Kelly then another late in the game to keep the Lions in the game. In a day and age where player safety is out weighing the intensity of the game  we saw Thomas O'Donnell & Xander Zell step up on defense and let all the fans know…Santa Clara plays football the way it was meant…PHYISCAL!  Yet all players walked off the field unscathed…except for their hearts. On this day where the sun was setting on Townsend the Lions lost 22 to 28.

Wildcats… could not get it done. As the team looks for heart and desire, they fell in a very disappointing loss to Cambrian Valley 32 to 12.

October 13th 2013 WEEK 6


Rival week in Santa Clara Youth Football.

At 7am early Sunday morning it was clear… this was not any old Sunday at Townsend Field. As a caravan of cars filled the parking lot, you knew the Lions were facing teams that had one agenda…BEAT Santa Clara. Yes the cross town rivals, Sunnyvale, was the advisory of the moment as all of the Lions teams are looking at the post season that would start in 3 weeks. 

Famous Santa Clara Football legendary Lou Gage’s son Reggie Gage as well as Jim Prizeme (1960 SC Lions QB)and Dave Del Rio (1960 Sc Lions Linebacker) were recognized and honored.  Thank you for your attendance.


Mitey Cats and the Rockets started the day off showing that there is no love loss on the field as both teams were exchanging touch downs, but someone released Mr. Glenn, and the M-cats never looked back. The story of the day was how good the Red offence did behind Isiah Ketton, as QB, the Red O drove the field with heart and desire.   M-Cat score  36  Sunnyvale’s’ score 12.

Thundercats –

T-Cats took the field as confident as possible. Sunnyvale’s Rockets showed the Thunderdcats anything could happen, and scored early in the game. The Thundercats showed great determination and scored late in the game.  Thundercat’s score  6  Sunnyvale’s score 20.

Panthers –

The Panthers came out scoring 41 points, the most they scored all year, against the defending Division II Super Bowl qualifiers, Sunnyvale Rockets.  The offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage with the blocking from Isaia Sasa, Jacob Dominguez, Nathan Santos, Juan Alegria, Jose Sanchez and Tominiko Takafua, as four different running backs scored touchdowns and rushed for over two hundred yards. The Panthers are on a roll with a record of 6-0.   They play another tough opponent this week vs Cambrian Valley who's record is 5-1. Final score Panthers 41 Rockets 13.

Wildcats –

Found their way back into the win column as they pummeled the Sunnyvale Rockets. With three touchdowns himself, Gabriel Herrera ran in the first few touchdowns as his sister, Renee, cheered in her Wildcats uniform. Eric Ketton had a Monster day on both sides of the ball… but the highlight was a 17yard pass to Dylan Thiel with 32 yards after the catch resulting in a touchdown behind the great offensive line of Cohle Felicano Takafua, Richard Medel, Ronnie Rodriguez, Jacob Alvarado, Jose Lacayo Tua.  The Santa Clara defense that fought hungry… Ketton, Herrera, and a new name rises with passion… Jaren Valdez, stepped in as Middle Linebacker and shut any holes for Sunnyvale to run… so that left the only option of the passing game and Julio Arenas intercepted the pass in the second half to ground the Rockets. Wildcats Point After Touchdown kicker Xavier “X-Man” Martinez was great on the day splitting the uprights with his kicks. Wildcats score  35  Sunnyvale’s score 6.

Lions –

When one looks across the land it is clear… the king of the youth football world is SC Lions. Lions scored fast and often against a Rocket that had no fuel. The Rockets looked more like a scud missile, missing their mark more often then a rocket.  All players played hard and the offensive line , behind Center Xander Zell, opened wholes that were humongous. The PA system echoed names like Prado, Kelly, Cervantes, …… but if for nothing else in the world Lions Football build confidence in young men… like Joshua Chavez who ran for a touchdown with a gleam in his eye and a extra kick in his step as he crossed the goal line. Mr. Chavez, an eighth grader at Buchser, showed desire and pride for his team, school, city. The lions will use the next two games to determine what slot they will occupy in the playoff… but the NEXT game is Almaden Mustangs at Townsend Field on Sunday. Lions score 30 Sunnyvale’s score 0.

October 5th 2013 Week 5

Any given Sunday…

Lions faced a viable competitor in the Oakland’s East Bay Warriors. A hard fought battles of teams playing smash mouth football. As Coach Price said the day after the game “it was the best game the team has played this year”, to bad it resulted in a loss. At halftime the score was tied 0 – 0… East Bay and Santa Clara exchanged touchdowns in the third quarter with the Lions coming up short 6 to 14. East Bay scored once more in the fourth to make the final score 6 to 20. 

All other teams traveled to Morgan Hill.

Wildcats took on a skillful opponent in the Raiders. The opening kickoff resulted in a 74 yard run… but flying in the last second to save the touchdown was #33 Gabriel Herrera. Raiders scored on their next play. The Wildcats came back and tied the game late in the fourth quarter. The Raiders scored to take the lead and win with just two minutes in the game. Wildcats lost 20-28

Panthers pummeled the Raiders at the Peewee level 28-0. The Panthers took it to the Raiders from the start. The ground attack was lead by Paul Rosa Jr and Onyx Smith, each scored one TD. Then Alex Adame took to the air for another 2 TDs, one to Jacob Dominguez, his first of the season, and one to Adam Fox, his 3rd of the season… but it is the unmerciful Defense behind the Linebackers of Smith & Orosco that keep opponents from scoring and making them remember how hungry our Santa Clara kids are. Final score was 28 - 0.

Thunder Cats Game ends in a TIE! The game was hard fought with each team playing well. The Thunder Cats put up two touchdowns as well as the Morgan Hill team. It was clear that the Raiders took Santa Clara as a “team to beat” and where well prepared. Thunder Cats ended the game in a 14to 14 tie.

Mitey Cats come up as a big winner as they beat the Raider 24 to 12. The whole team played hard and when faced with a battle they stepped up. Luther Glenn scored twice, ran for 120 yds. Mitchell Gonzales fumble recovery and ran it back for a 50 yd td. Ethan Noriega handed off to Mitchell Gutierrez and threw a touchdown to Vincent Farratto in the end-zone. 

First Cheer Competition.
Mitey Cats Cheerleaders looked great and loud as the ladies took the mat at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mt View. Panther Cheer Team had to modify their routine in the last moments before they took the mat but it must have worked as they took 2nd place. Santa Clara has always shown great strength at this level. Wildcat Cheer performed well too and got 2nd place. GOOD JOB LADIES! 

At the end of this weekend we reflect on a quote …” Coaches are not concerned when you fall but when you do not try to rise”… Blame is easy, responsibility lies within our own actions.

September 29th 2013 WEEK 4

Mitey Cats had a battle with the Bronco’s. It was the first game of the day, and by far the most competitive one. The teams’ exchanges touchdowns like prize fighters exchanging punches… hoping one would be the final knockout blow. From a 60 yard kickoff return to all of the touch downs it was Luther Glenn… But the Offensive line opened holes that were big. The turning point was the Santa Clara defensive behind Duece Meszaros and Julian Garcia that gave the Mitey Cats the KNOCKOUT blow to win the game. Little Ozzy Cadena had some great kicks that kept the Broncos pinned in their corral. Mitey Cats with a victory 30 to 24.

 Thundercats found the Southern Marin Broncos as more of a scrimmage then a game. With the Bronco’s with one win and showing little to no desire to find the next win… the Thundercats released the Arenas on them.

But the “PLAY OF THE DAY” was a breakaway run by Adam Arenas and as he was getting tackled the ball came out. The ball hit the ground and bounced perfectly into the hands of Bryson Bradley who was following Adam. Bryson took the ball and ran another 25 yards to the end zone for the touchdown. T-Cats Won 30 to 8.  

The Panthers came out slow against a fired up Southern Marin Broncos team. The Broncos woke the Panthers up when the trotted 57 yard for a touchdown on their first play. That just made the Panthers ROAR! The offense, led by Alex Adame, rushed for over 350 yards and 5 TD's. The defense, lead by the stout LB core of J.J. Alegria, Onyx Smith, and Raymond Orozco, shut down the Broncos the rest of the day. With a big interception by Paul Rosa late in the game the Panthers won 36-8.

Wildcats won behind the key insight of the coaching staff they designed a game plan to corral the SM Bronco’s.  The Marin team came out wanting to get their first win of the season… but it was not going to happen at Townsend Field. The Santa Clara team looked good behind the consistent performance of Erik Ketton and Gabriel Herrera. This day we witnessed Floyd Gordon and Julio Arenas breakout and run with the ball like we have not seen this year. IT WAS THE DEFFENCE!!!! that stepped up. Attacking the ball like the hungry cats they are. Kylan Harris had a monstrous day as a defensive tackle. The highlight was #9 Brandon Graves (8th Grader at Cabrillo) and #14 Jonrea Guanzon-Domingo that showed great heart and desire as they teamed up two get two touch downs for the Wildcats… Wildcats won 33 to 0

Lions An Angel from above arrived at Mills High School to run the ball for the Santa Clara Lions… Angel Cervantes set the pace early in the first quarter with a 47 yards run that started the feeding. The Lions Score behind a few players but it was Richard Herrera and Nate Kelley that showed poise and desire that lead the way. The play that was heard around the bay was #24 Joshua Chavez (8th Grader at Buchser) that scored the final touchdown for Santa Clara. LIONS Victorious 35 to 8

September 22nd Week 3

Seahawks …. or seagulls?
All Santa Clara Lions teams won and in good fashion and with great sportsmanship.

The Lions saw the most and highest talented team so far this season. The first quarter was a fight back and forth and as the Lions tried to find themselves, the young men still remained role models for the younger players.  With the Lions heading into half 16 to 0… it was clear that this San Francisco team came to play. After an inspiring talk in the locker room the Lions buckled down on defense and did not let the Seahawks convert on four 4th downs conversions. The final score was SC 16 – SF 6  Lions were victorious.

Panthers again pounced on the Seahawk bird. With a score of 22 to 0 it was clear that our Peewee team was in the seat and looking at a special season. The Big Play of the day was from Alex Adame who passed for over 60 yards and rushed for over 75 yards. Onyx Smith kept the birds in their cage as the dominated them on defense.

MITEYer Then Ever. The Mitey Cats struck hard and fast behind the leadership of Ethan Noriega. But it was number 22, Derek Aguirre (a fourth Grader at Bracher) that scored the first touchdown. Number 21 Julian Garcia was not letting up on the defensive side of the ball and the Seahawks found it hard to get a yard. Mitey Cats won. 30 – 0

Thunder Cats won 24 to 0… but it was the little man that took Big Steps.  Adam Arenas scored at will with his blistering speed. Logan Davis and others stopped the San Francisco team in their tracks… But coming up big week after week is Bryson Bradley (a 4th Grader at Pomeroy). “He has a way of being there for us in the Key times” said Head Coach Dan Campos.

Wildcats WIN! The team looked focused as they stepped on the field… A new glare in their eye. The Wildcats walked down the field and scored with ease… until the Seahawks flew in. San Francisco took the ball and wanted to score badly… But not as bad as the Santa Clara defense wanted to show that they are the BEAST. The Wildcats defenders stopped San Francisco behind great tackling of Dylan Thiel and Richard Medel… but the “Hit Of The Day” was a CRUSHING pad hit from Erik Ketton. All Touchdowns were scored by the Beast Gabriel Herrera. Wildcats Win 22 to 6.
September 15th week 2
Mitey Cats scratched and clawed their way to a win behind a great defensive play of Julian Sanchez. Julian penetrated the Offensive line and stripped the ball from the Redwood City’s running back and ran for a 47yrd touchdown. Adding to the score was #23 Luther who took a broken play and made it into a touchdown of his own. Mitey Cats won 12 to 0

Thundercats faced the Redwood City 49er. Late in the first half it was a 31 yard pass from Jason Guerrero to Sam Estrada to got the SC fan to go crazy. But the player of the day was running back Adam Arenas that scored three rushing touchdowns with his blazing speed and precise cuts. Thundercats Won 22 to 6

The Panthers won a hard fought game against a strong Redwood City 49er team 16-13. Panthers fell behind 6-0 with two minutes left in the 2nd quarter, but drove right back and scored with a half back pass that Paul Rosa threw to Bailey Mungray that made the score 8 to 6. In the fourth quarter Panthers went on a 12 play drive to seal the deal with hard running from Onyx Smith and Alex Adame and Ray Orozco. Redwood City score late in the fourth quarter but it wasn’t enough to win the determine panther team.

Wildcats struggled to find themselves again this week. Coming out after Halftime the team showed some determination and drove for their only score of the game, but it was too little too late as the Redwood City Jr 49ers defeated the Wildcats 22 to 6.

The men of the gridiron… Fresh off the Mountain the guys came back focused and determined. Lions scored fast and worked on perfecting blocking and defensive responsibilities. Behind the arm of Nate Kelly and the quick feet of Anastacio Prado the Lions scored at will.   

All of the Santa Clara cheerleaders traveled to Pioneer High School for their first competition…”The Jamboree”. As the teams sat in waiting it was clear by their faces… This was a year of focus. Mitey Cats, Panthers & Wildcats did well. And as the three Lewis sisters came back to Townsend to support the LIONS…They had big smiles on their faces… You Go Girls!

September 8th Week 1

Highs & Lows & Everyone Knows!

A BIG THANK YOU to our CITY of Santa Clara, The Parks and Rec Department, Santa Clara Unified School District and Buchser Middle School as they all came together to help get Townsend Field the wonderful Score Board.

Thunder hit the field as soon as the Thunder Cats had the Ball… As they scored at will. Adam, Bryson and Jesse all ran great, and showed great sportsmanship as they lead their team to an 30 to 0 Victory.

Mitey Cats came up short as they lost to Coyote Creek Wildcats. With Duece Meazaros (4th Grader at Sutter Elementary); Ozzy Cadena; Julian Garcia and Julian Sanchez on defense, the Wildcats were scared to run the ball in the middle of the field.  Mitey Cats Lost 18  to  6.

PANTHERS pounced! As the Coyote Creek team was leaving the lock room to go play the game the Santa Clara parents whispered that they thought that they were seeing a Jr. Midget team and not a Pee Wee team. In the opening drive of the game, the smallest of Panthers… Paul Rosa Jr. lowered his shoulders and punched the ball in for the first of many touch downs for the Panthers. Panther Pride took over. Panthers Won 29  to  6 Santa Clara Jr. Midget team…

The SC Wildcats lost to Daily City Titans. 16  to  25 (so much to write, so little space)

LIONS ROARRRRED LOUD! The Lions face a Division One opponent in the Coyote Creek Wildcats. Coaches Coached and Players Played… HARD as the Lions had the team from East San Jose in a 30-0 score by halftime, it was clear that the Lions are ready for 2013. It is hard to mention just one player as it seemed like a true Team effort, just know this week if you see a young man walking down the street with his head held high… He is a LION. Lions Won 30  to  0 With New Bright and Shiny uniforms the Ladies looked great and got the crowd pumped.

September 1 - JAMBOREE

It's time for some football!

As the dust clears, a pristine Townsend Field for the 2013 season is revealed. With the sun setting behind the score booth Sunday evening and shinning off the new scoreboard, Santa Clara Lions Football was back and as strong as ever.The day started off with our little guys and gals, the Mitey Cats. The M-CATS rocked the house! The little guys have stepped up their speed thanks to Luther Campbell. Which led the Mitey Cat win over the Andrew Hill Raiders. 30 - 0

The Thundercats looked strong and fast. Scoring touchdown after touchdown, the T-cat defense was strong and hungry as they defeated the Raiders 32 to 0. 

The Panthers dominated their opponents as they rang up a 33 - 0 win.With precision, the team sliced up the Raider defense and looked great.Behind the relentlessness of Onix Smith, the Panthers' defense was crushing.

The Wildcats claimed their opener with a BIG WIN. Julio Arenas scored on a 47 yard run in the first play of the game.  With seconds left on the clock in the first half, the Wildcats had the Andrew Hill Raiders well in control with a 26 - 0 score going into halftime. SC defense stopped the Raiders on their attempt to score. The final Score was 33 -0 victory.

Our big Lions, known as the kings of the jungle, scored fast and often as players names echoed from the PA system. It was a true pride of players, Like Prado, Garcia and Herrera that dominated the Andrew Hill Raiders and put the game away by halftime with a dominating 28-0 triumph. But it was the defense that sat in waiting and played with the Raiders like a cat with a toy. The Lions defense pounced on anyone that touched the ball.

The Ladies of the “Gridiron” are back, loud and proud. Lions football has greatly improved on its cheer by adding “A#1” tumbling mats and bringing on season coaches to help. It was great to see some girls that took off a year, come back to be part of the legend.